12 Ways You Can Improve Customer Experience In Your Agency

The days of traditional salesmanship are over.

Selling insurance is not just about buying signals, but about creating an experience your customer will not find elsewhere. Insurance is confusing, and many buyers struggle seeing eye-to-eye with agents who try to sell them products. Creating the best experience for customers can alleviate concerns and improve revenue in your agency. In fact, a global study released by Oracle revealed that brands can lose up to 20% annual revenue due to poor customer experience.

Stand out in the sea of small talk and pushy salespeople and use these 12 ways to improve customer experience in your agency.

Connect with prospects and clients. You can’t sell or create a welcoming experience with feign friendliness and small talk. Get to know your customers personally. Take an interest in their wellbeing and understand their problems. That connection will be the reason they come to you versus other agencies.

Don’t push them to buy. Customers are not an urgent as we are to jump in and buy insurance. Prepare your proposal and make your presentation, but don’t push customers with constant attempts to motivate the purchase. You don’t want that order to go to someone else.

Answer their questions. The presentation isn’t your only obligation. More often than not, the salespersons subconscious objective is to get their point across without considering the customer. Pay attention to what they are saying and how they are acting. Respond accordingly with compassion and understanding.

Stay in touch post sale. Don’t say you’ll check-in with them because you know that’s what they want to hear. If a new client feels like you let them down, you will not get renewals or referrals from them.

Follow through on your promises. If a customer requests information and you say you’ll retrieve it, do it in a timely manner. Don’t wait until they remind you and deliver excuses. Deliver results so they can count on you.

Help. Don’t impress. We are not the stars of the show. The customer is. Success stories and name dropping doesn’t improve your customer experience. Help prospects and clients with whatever they need or risk losing the sales opportunity.

Offer solutions that solve their problems. In order to do this, you need to connect with your buyers. See how the customer experience comes around in full circle? Don’t be the salesperson who purposely tricks buyers into insurance they don’t need. Consider your credibility gone and the customer experience completely ruined.

Don’t just make a sale. Customers come in thinking you just want to sell them something. Imagine the shock value when you take time to understand them? To know what they are thinking and what they are here for.  Your job isn’t just to sell anymore, it’s to connect and create relationships.

Let them decide what to buy. The goal is to give them control of the situation. You simply advise them by laying out options and narrowing choices so they can easily pick what they want.

Create a self-service experience. Customer experience isn’t just about face-to-face interaction. Provide support information on your company website that will answer simple questions for them. Not everyone wants to talk to a rep about every thought they have. All in all, a study done by Dimension Data found that 73% of customers prefer to use a company website over other methods of communication including social media and live chat. Make sure this information is clear and concise so you educate and not frustrate.

Emphasize social media support. Imagine how easy it would be for the customer to open up Facebook Messenger, ask you a question, and receive a quick response from your agency. This will improve your overall social marketing strategy and create an intuitive customer experience that connects with your market.

Be open-minded and transparent. The more open and inclusive you are with customers, the more they will trust you. Trust will not just improve the experience, but keep them loyal to your agency against all the competition in the industry.

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