3 Easy Steps to Minimize Your Marketing Spend

Keeping your insurance agency running strong depends on how you build your brand. Since you are up against a number of well-established competitors in the market, your marketing strategy needs to focus on spending valuable marketing dollars where they will have the greatest impact.

Typically, it takes a lot of money and effort for insurance agencies to build a scalable business model. And, deciphering where and in what to invest can be complex. Without truly efficient tools and processes, agencies are prone to:

  • Disparate systems
  • Customer acquisition issues
  • Constrained reach
  • Significant loss of time and money

Agents simply can’t afford to have an inefficient workflow. In order to scale, they need:

  • High prospect call volume
  • Quality leads
  • Access to the right carrier products for their clients


Here are three easy steps to keep your agency on track to business growth.

1. Gain insight about agent performance.

Setting your agency up for success starts with visibility into your staff’s numbers. Consistently tracking and reporting on the performance of your producers will enable effective optimization, time-efficiency, and increased sales. You can even motivate sales through gamification tactics or ongoing coaching.

2. Integrate and automate.

Embracing integration and automation will help agents simplify and streamline their workflow. With CRM capabilities and marketing automation built into the process, agents can prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks and, thus, increase close rate and ROI. Consolidating marketing tools and automating processes will inevitably make quoting and prospect follow-up easier and less prone to error.

3. Prospect in real time.

When it comes down to it, leads are only quality if they are delivered in real time. Typically, lead providers sell data to a plethora of businesses and, in turn, that data becomes less contextual and less valuable. When agents have the ability to connect with prospects on-demand, they will be more likely to convert them into customers.


Just a few simple tweaks to your process and budget could change everything! To learn more about expanding your agency opportunities, request a demo of our platform.

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