4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Agent Toolkit

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Generally speaking, the insurance industry tends to be associated with old school methods. Have you and the agents in your agency been doing things the same way for a while? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being good at what you know! But, have you considered whether you could be doing better? Not just for yourself, but for your customers as well. With a few small enhancements, you could do both!

First, take a good look at the tools you’re using. Are there many? Implementing and maintaining multiple systems—such as your phones, lead management and CRM, comparison raters, AMS, and reporting tools—to power your workflow can be arduous. And, with inefficient processes and tools, agents are restricted from optimal performance, marketing dollars are wasted, and access to new customers is limited. Not the best customer experience, and not the best plan for agencies trying to grow.

The fact that new technology and innovation are sweeping the insurance market—and reinventing agency business models—is clear. According to a recent Innovation in Insurance survey by KPMG, more than 8 in 10 insurance leaders said they believe their organization’s future success to be tied closely to their ability to innovate ahead of their competitors.

The problem is, a number of insurance folks still think innovation is synonymous with disruption. Agents who know they need to provide an easy, effective, and memorable experience for their customers should not be hesitant to adopt innovative technology that enables just that. It is very possible, even necessary, to reimagine your workflow without completely reinventing the wheel—and a significant upgrade can be seamless.

In order to scale, you must embrace a little change! Here’s how to tell whether it’s time for your agency to modify and modernize:

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1. You Have Communication Issues

A positive customer experience hinges on accessibility to agents. By breaking down information barriers and streamlining your communication flow, you’ll enable easy, free-flowing communication. The modern consumer expects virtually everything to available with the swipe of a finger or at the end of a text message. If your prospects have to navigate through a variety of channels, it’s likely they’ll fall off before becoming a customer. Integration of tools and tactics is key.


2. There is a Lack of Training and Support

Without client onboarding process training from the top down, client acquisition will be inconsistent. When agencies implement new tools, it can be easy to fall behind due to lack of support from leadership. Ideally, you’ll have a partner to set you up for success and keep you motivated to sell more policies. Once properly onboarded, you can then mitigate risks and build trust with your clients.


3. Your Process is Over-Complicated

The key reason the insurance industry gets a bad rap is because the process to buy insurance is broken and frustrating; it is not often a smooth and seamless experience. Few people enjoy dealing with call centers to check on the status of a claim. Processing insurance claims needs to be simple in order to be efficient, so make sure your workflow is not over-complicating matters.


4. The Approach is Not Customer-Centric

Improving your agency’s bottom line starts with you. You are an asset because of your great experience—and even more so if you can deliver exceptional customer service! Today, a customer-centric business model is the best way to compete, while upholding the values on which your agency was built.

When agents are empowered to improve their workflow with innovation, customer relationships can be better fostered as growth issues dissipate. To learn more about where to start with new and improved tools, request a demo!


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