8 Reasons Your Insurance Agency Needs a CRM Today

As the insurance industry is continues to grow and become more competitive, getting clients becomes increasingly harder as well. For any independent agency, we need to adapt new strategies to keep up with the big guys when it comes to lead gen and customer experience.

So how does your agency keep up with customer demands and retain policyholders in a competitive landscape? A powerful insurance CRM software. This effective hammer in the agency toolbox integrates your agency tools and streamlines the sales process to improve customer experience from hello to happy customer.

Whether you’re in the market for a new CRM, or it’s your first time buying, here are 8 reasons why your insurance agency needs a CRM in their toolbox.


  1. Stores client information in one place

Being able to share information with your team and easily update it is crucial for productivity. Insurance CRM softwares let every member of your team see past communication with a client, so if you aren’t around, they can easily handle the situation at hand and provide better service.


  1. Generates reports seamlessly 

A data-driven agency is able to make actionable insights out of their metrics to improve their business strategy. Insurance CRM’s provide access to performance metrics and reports across all your agency tools. As well as track customer interaction, agent sales performance, and policy reporting.

Since your tools are integrated, you are able to generate reports automatically and make smarter decisions, faster.


  1. Helps build stronger relationships with clients

An effective insurance CRM will turn every customer interaction into something special. Whether a query on coverage or claim dispute, you can easily pull up your complete history together and help meet their requirements.

This means you can share policies and information that pertain the customer. Not a blanket statement you make for everyone. This shows you care and builds trust between you and your client that they will remember when their policy is up and it’s renewal time.

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  1. Optimizes marketing and lead buying

Insurance transactions are rapidly moving into the online space due to customer demand. However, cold calls are still an integrated part of generating leads.

Apliant’s software lets you take control of your marketing through real-time acquisition. This means you have seamless access to numerous lead and call providers for on-demand access to potential clients that are ready to buy.   


  1. Helps agency adapt to the times

Whether you’re selling auto or P&C, you will adapt your insurance products to the ever-evolving markets and create new opportunities for your agency.

A CRM software like Apliant automates the sales process with a smarter workflow to acclimate to what your customers want from their agency.


  1. Gives faster access to files 

Tap and retrieve with a CRM that’s mobile-friendly. This means whether you’re on phone, tablet, or laptop, you can get to business anywhere, anytime. Simplifying the process of closing deals and catering to your customers needs.


  1. Makes data collection and document management simple

Independent agents have more data than they can handle. When you depend on paper to share this valuable information, you risk losing or misfiling documents. It also takes too much time to search for it!

Insurance CRM will streamline this entire process. That means you can manage customer files, policy claims, forms, disclosures, applications, and contracts all in one place, safely and securely.

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  1. Improves retention and upselling

According to a study by the EY Global Insurance Survey, less than 15% of respondents were satisfied with their agents communication efforts. The study also notes that infrequent and non-personalized interactions lead to customers closing policies and switching insurers.

An insurance CRM lets you personalize and stay up-to-date with policyholders throughout the year. Customers appreciate policy updates and premium due, however also like to be notified about special deals and promotional content.


Parting words…

An Insurance CRM will be the best investment you make for your business. If your on the fence, schedule a free demo with Apliant today and give your clients the best customer experience they deserve.

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