Becoming Today’s Digital Insurance Agency

Today’s independent agency goes beyond the four walls you call your “office”. No matter how large or small your agency is, becoming a digital personality is crucial to establish credibility and stimulate growth. Insurance consumers are looking for quick answers, and they’re turning to the internet to find them.

According to J.D. Power’s 2016 Insurance Shopping Study, 74% of auto insurance customers obtain quotes or insurance information online. Yet only 25% purchase online. This gives you, the independent agent, a unique position to establish yourself as a tech-savvy insurance agency shoppers can meet live.

Become a visible member of the online buyers community.

The best way to sell anything is to intercept consumers during their discovery process and give them what they need. When it comes to purchasing insurance, consumers are not looking for a friendly face, they look to dissolve their curiosity and concerns about a products. In this case, the product is your insurance.

Don’t treat your online presence as a digital business card. It’s more than that. It’s an opportunity to reach and engage with thousands of people everyday. Consider this presence your digital salesman, meaning you need to optimize your website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in order to make them useful. Too often independent agents underutilize or misuse their digital personality, rendering them useless when they should be useful.

As mentioned in our expert tips post, your agency’s digital presence doesn’t stop at site and social. Use Q&A sites like Quora – who sees nearly  200 million monthly unique visitors a month – to answer questions about insurance topics for consumers. This simple act builds trust and establishes credibility between you and prospective buyers.

Adding your own touch to these questions can bait online consumers away from their computers and into your office when you can show them the benefits of a direct agent relationship.

Help customers get through the sea of digital information

The internet is incredibly dense with hard-to-digest information about insurance. Certain articles may contain relevant and trusted information, while others are flat out wrong. This information can confuse curious consumers, and they often need an expert to help differentiate right from wrong.

Here’s where you come in. Connecting consumers with valuable information naturally puts you in a position of authority – benevolent of course. You can source high-quality, relevant information for prospects so they come to your agency for their information needs.

Share these expert approved pieces across your social networks, in an e-mail campaign, or in the next e-newsletter you send out.

Claim your Google Listing

Nothing’s worse than when a prospect goes to search for you, but can’t find you. Many independent agents live the local life they sell to, so it’s only viable that your agency comes up in local search results. Claim your Google and Bing business listings to increase your visibility online.

Optimize your listing with a concise description, business category, your address, hours, and more to complete it. Be sure to upload your logo and relevant photos of your agency and it’s team members.

This will give browsers a better feel for you who are as a company, as well as increase your sites visibility for geo-centric keyword searches. You can also link in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to your Google profile to improve your agency’s digital presence.

Start blogging yesterday

Blogging has multiple practical implications than just tooting your own horn. Your blog is a great home base for all your digital content, provides credibility, and adds relevant pages to your site to improve SEO.

Write about topics that revolve around your industry, whether it be personal commentary or news and trends. Agencies can cross promote their blog throughout social profiles to drive traffic to website and convert browsers to buyers.
Want to improve your digital presence? Discover more expert tips on how to grow your agency today.

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