It starts when you first realize what being an independent agent truly means. No corporate subsidies or easy leads. No advertising help or tech assistance. You’re not just an independent agent anymore, you’re a business owner. And that comes with world of responsibility you probably weren’t ready for. Maybe you were a captive agent, unhappy with your national carrier. Maybe you worked for a small agency before going off to start your own. Regardless of the reasons why you went independent, the everyday challenges remain the same. In this post we’ll discuss 5 expert tips you need to grow your insurance agency. How you can use them to build a profitable and rewarding business model. And why it’s important to do so in the hyper-competitive space of selling insurance. Employ big data to improve customer acquisition and retention Improve your digital marketing strategy Upgrade internal management softwares Onboard new agency talent Expand your business through connections Employ big data to improve customer acquisition and retention If you have no clients, you have no income. One of the most difficult aspects of insurance is to generate a lead, close the account, and retain it for renewals. Consumer behavior is changing, and Read more…

Keeping your insurance agency running strong depends on how you build your brand. Since you are up against a number of well-established competitors in the market, your marketing strategy needs to focus on spending valuable marketing dollars where they will have the greatest impact. Please follow and like us:

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Generally speaking, the insurance industry tends to be associated with old school methods. Have you and the agents in your agency been doing things the same way for a while? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being good at what you know! But, have you considered whether you could be doing better? Not just for yourself, but for your customers as well. With a few small enhancements, you could do both! Please follow and like us:

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