Agency Owners

  • Business growth might be stifled by a broken acquisition process and disparate tools for: telephony, lead management, CRM, rating/quoting, account management, and analytics/reporting.
  • Marketing spend is high, access to new customers is constrained, and the agency is not growing as much as it could be.

Agency Staff

  • Producers spend a lot of time and effort prospecting on their own using arduous systems.
  • They feel the strain of resource management, antiquated systems, and the customers desire for a streamlined buying process.

Agents know what they need to do. Apliant gives them the tools to make it happen.

Apliant is the first on-demand workflow management platform for the insurance industry.

Our technology provides insurance agents all the tools they need to generate leads on-demand in one easy-to-use platform. Apliant increases productivity and visibility with metrics that small insurance agencies historically have not been able to access, creating a better experience for agents and customers.

Apliant allows agents to:

  • produce incremental revenue in a smart and economically efficient way.
  • grow business through precision with a streamlined, data-driven workflow.
  • simplify and maximize their time.

Key Platform Features

Marketing/Lead Buying

Take control of your marketing through real-time, efficient acquisition.

  • Integration with numerous lead and call providers for on-demand access to potential clients
  • Purchase decisions made real-time to deliver more policies, using data from the entire platform

CRM/Lead Management

Drive engagement with an essential marketing engine.

  • Simplified, dynamic, data-driven sales CRM and workflows in one easy-to-use platform
  • Task automation for follow-ups, email, and SMS/MMS to keep customers engaged

Comparison Rater

A seamless agent experience through an integrated, enhanced, sales process

  • Integrated Comparative Rating Platform
  • Seamless hand-off of all customer information into Carrier software

Reporting & Analytics

Become a data-driven agency

  • Access to robust performance metrics and reports across all agent tools
  • Track customer, agent sales performance, and policy reporting