Agency Owners

  • Business growth might be stifled by a broken acquisition process and disparate tools for: telephony, lead management, CRM, rating/quoting, account management, and analytics/reporting.
  • Marketing spend is high, access to new customers is constrained, and the agency is not growing as much as it could be.

Agency Staff

  • Ag spend a lot of time and effort prospecting for clients, using arduous systems, and speaking to customers too early in the buying process.
  • They feel the strain of resources, antiquated systems, and the customer’s desire for an easier and quicker purchase process.

Agents know what they need to do. Apliant gives them the tools to make it happen.

Apliant is the first customer engagement platform for the insurance industry.

Our platform provides insurance agencies the tools they need to apply intelligence to marketing, data to workflows, and modern communication to their outreach strategies. Apliant increases productivity, a better experience for agents and customers, and more clients for the agency.

Apliant allows agents to:

  • Produce revenue in a smart and efficient way by complementing existing successful workflows.
  • Grow business by spending more time with highly likely clients, and less time with people early in the shopping process.
  • Simplify and maximize their time by efficiently handling repetitive clerical work.

Key Platform Features

Marketing Intelligence and Reporting

Take control of your marketing through data analysis, segmentation, and insights that drive marketing results.

  • Leverage your existing marketing channels and customer lists in a more efficient way.
  • Efficient customer engagement lets you access more marketing opportunities than ever before.
  • The platform does the customer nurture, so agents speak to customers who are ready to buy.

Customer / Lead Management

Drive higher engagement using communication tools like text, email, phone, and chatbot. Let the system help nurture customer, and the agents advise on risk.

  • Simple, data-driven workflow maximizes agent time and allows them to manage more clients, and do less clerical work across systems.
  • Task automation for follow-ups, email, and SMS/MMS to keep customers engaged.
  • Maximize the sales pipeline and ensure a consistent experience for agents and clients.

Dynamic Product Presentation

Complete control over which products are being presented to customers and the ability to access partners directly

  • Integrated with multiple partners for rate presentation.
  • Seamless hand-off of customer information into Carrier portals.

Reporting & Analytics

Become a data-driven agency

  • Access to robust performance metrics and reports across agents, customers, and marketing channels.
  • Track agent sales performance, product competitiveness, and policies.